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What to expect


You’ll be training in a group at The Softball Performance Workshop (4900 E La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92807). I max out at 12 girls per hour.

The facility is behind the old Anaheim Door Company (There's a white sign by the driveway you'll see from the street). Drive all the way to the second brick building (you'll see signage for Softball Performance Workshop on the left). Parking is also available around the back of that building.


Your daughter will meet me or one of my instructors on the turf at the start of your lesson time. Remember, only players are allowed on the turf. Parents dropping off: Please do not walk with them out to me.

My lessons are back-to-back, so if I am still busy with the last hour, your daughter can come on out with the next group (if you have questions for me, I will meet you on the parent-side of the net).

We always start with a warm up of Wall Ball. Girls, set your gloves and waters by the net and hop in the line.

  • There might not be anyone at the front desk! But April should have texted you all details you need to start! Any questions, please direct them to a coach, but please do not enter the turf without permission

  • No parents or colored drinks are allowed on the turf

  • All you will need is your glove, tennis shoes, & water (no cleats please)

  • Pants or shorts are OK, but most girls like wearing pants since we do a lot on our knees during the workout on the turf.


Payment is due when scheduling your lesson. Your first lesson is $50 for the hour.

Please note: I have a 24 hour cancellation policy! I have a limited amount of spots each hour and I staff my lessons so accommodate all players scheduled. If you cancel day-of or no show a lesson, you will be responsible for the cost of that lesson spot.


There is no pressure to commit to lessons on the first day you come. I will evaluate how you do in the group and my assistant will be in contact later in the week to follow up.


a few notes so you know what you’re in for

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