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Looking to bring me in for a defensive workout with your

local softball community or team?

Options for Teams Local to Southern California:

Outside of my regular lesson hours, you can schedule an hour of work for just your team. Minimum to schedule this hour is 8 players.


Depending on my availability, I can come out to a field or facility that you reserve.


  • 8-16 players : $900 for an hour and 15 minutes

  • Over 16 players: contact me for pricing

  • Pricing will vary depending on location

  • More time can be added for a rate agreed upon by both parties

  • Equipment list fulfilled by you. Your coaches will run stations.

Teams Outside of Southern California

(or more than a 1-hour drive from Anaheim, CA):

I travel multiple times a month with The Packaged Deal. We go a LOT of places - it’s possible we will be near YOU.

When I’m not with Packaged Deal, I have very limited available weekends to travel & teach.

If our schedules match up, here is how this would work:
You are in charge of filling the workout spots! I’ll use your coaches, parents, or high school players to run stations. Pricing will depend on travel time, specific team needs, and time of each workout.

  • PRIVATE TEAM EVENT: starting at $1600

  • You’ll be required to have equipment available for use & a facility or field to work from:

    • 4 buckets of softballs (size relative to the age of girls attending)

    • 1 bucket of tennis balls

    • 2 agility ladder

    • 2 catch net

    • 2 dozen cones

    • Optional: 3-5 PVC pipe pieces, baseballs, tennis racket, flat gloves, "softies" or machine balls


Often, facilities want to offer members or others in their area the chance to work with me. If you have a facility you’d like me to come to, let’s find a date that works for softball season in your area. 

  • Starting at $4,000

    • You run registration. I can post on my social media to help advertise.​

  • Let's start at this format: 3-hour workout (can be broken up into 3, 1-hour workouts or 2, 1.5 hour workouts) with a maximum of 30 participants each hour.

  • More hours/participants can be added for a rate agreed upon by both parties

  • Travel, car, & hotel (if required) costs are covered by host. If I can match you up with another out-of-state event near you, this might help with your costs.

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