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Morgan Stuart
Owner & Head Coach

University of Washington, 2011

Morgan has created training methods that improve her players' physical and mental side of defense. Her passion is to provide a backbone to the development of these young athletes for life and to make an impact as a role model as well as an instructor.

Amanda Fama
Head Coach

Concordia University, 2011

Amanda competed in the 2020 Summer Olympics with the Italian softball team. She has a wealth of knowledge to share having started her career at Cypress JC, transferring to Concordia, and trying out and making it as a professional in the NPF. 

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Nayah Pola

Dominguez Hills, 2023
& UC Santa Barbara, 2022

Infielder who has trained with Morgan as a student and now loves helping the younger ones; Nayah understands what it takes to make adjustments quick and coaches with that in mind.

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Faith Hernandez

Dominguez Hills, 2024
& University of San Diego, 2022

Faith helps all new and regular lessons feel comfortable. From welcoming them into the group and teaching them new drills, Faith loves making players feel at home. You will see her filming and asking the girls questions a lot because she enjoys capturing all the moments for social media!

Sophia Reynoso

University of Florida, 2020

This former Batbuster is originally from Palmdale, CA and fits right into Morgan’s lessons because she seriously values defense. Sophia brings a fresh perspective having just played at the highest level with a calm, cool presence that adds to the overall experience of any lesson.

It won’t just be me you see at lessons making an impact and coaching up your daughter. I have a team of coaches each week that help lessons run smoothly and who let the girls know what adjustments they can make.


I’ve had a lot of amazing coaches come in and out of lessons; all women who bring their own experience and spin on teaching defense.

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Lauren Gutierrez

University of Nevada, 2022

Lauren really enjoys working with the young ones. Lauren has had past and present family members part of Morgan’s lessons as students and saw the potential to be a coach that made an impact just like Morgan has on her family. Her goal is to be a positive presence in the lives of young athletes.

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