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Recreational softball development

raising the standards of your rec softball league


Morgan Stuart is a former top-level player and a well-respected, experienced coach based in Southern California. She has developed a system for teaching fundamentals to girls ages 8-16 that has made a huge impact on performance and overall experience of the softball player. Morgan wants to partner with leagues around the country to provide a way to guide families and new coaches through the formative years of their daughters' playing careers.


In many cases, the experience of a player depends on the knowledge of the coach put in charge. This program is designed to put all coaches on the same page and to provide a backbone to what each player can take away from their time in practice and games throughout the season. Parents will be informed of goals and players will progress their skills with specific standards in mind.

Build the experience you want families to have in their time playing in your league!
Pricing will be based on league numbers and will
be adjusted to include price of travel to your area.
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Package 1

Package 2

Motivate & Align

*most popular*

Everything from Package 1

Also Includes:

- In-Person Coaches Clinic

- Players Clinic and Ongoing Education

starting at $1200

Package 3


Everything from Packages 1+ 2 
PLUS tools to set your league apart from the rest

Also Includes:

- Weekly Performance Goals and Coach Standards

- In-Depth Parent Orientation to League and the Softball Journey

Starting at $3500

Packaged Deal OKC 2019-9665.jpg

It's time that recreational softball leagues get a little help in putting standards, mechanics, and roadmaps in place for new softball families and coaches.


Morgan is offering packages specific to rec leagues. Packages can be custom-built to include your needs. Morgan is known for private events, weekly lessons, and big clinics. She would like to offer rec packages at a lower cost to leagues in order to elevate the state of sotball before the travel ball level.

Could this be a solution for you?

Rec ball should be a place where girls are introduced to and are learning the fundamentals of the game. This is where they build their foundations of arm health, practice habits, and a love of the game. Why not provide them the best opportunity possible with a proven system?

A great add-on to your current experience!


- Coaches Guide to Coaching Rec Ball

- Ongoing Resources for Coaches and Families


$4/month for ongoing access for Families

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